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Operation area

Globality, efficiency and facility

We provide global technology solutions in the ITS field, optimizing existing resources and facilitating its subsequent operation and maintenance.



Integration, adaptation and optimization

We offer hardware and software solutions, adapted and fully integrated, trying to reconcile existing systems, optimizing available project resources.



Profitability, effectivity and trendy

We give real meaning to the turnkey concept integrating design, technology, and service prioritizing profitability, effectiveness and vanguard projects.

  • Honesty

    Honesty is a human value which means to behave with consistency and honesty with oneself and with respect for the truth and justice toward our clients.


    For us the value of honesty is essential for the development of our business and involves the inability to feel superior to anyone, perceive the good in others and have the ability to redirect a project without ignoring the visions that have been able to change our original decision.


    Being honest is not deceive and do whatever you have to do to build trust and credibility.

  • Illusion

    Illusion is the value that best defines our company, teamwork and our collaborators.


    Our illusion allows us to release the energy and creativity of our employees to bring originality, inspiration and ingenuity to our projects.


    This value has enabled us to overcome obstacles to achieve goals and respond to major technological challenges, becoming main key of our business plan.

  • Flexibility

    The ability to adapt to the needs of our clients, within available resources, to the peculiarities of the environment and service.


    Our technological capabilities, based on extensive experience and professionalism of our staff enables us to meet and satisfy any need in the field of ITS.


    The value of flexibility allows us to respond to market needs. One factor that is not attainable for traditional large companies.


    Flexibility combined with a record of success, ambition, innovation culture and nonconformity (status quo) are the basis of our product and way of being.

  • Responsibility

    Our determination is to meet and whenever possible, exceed all legal obligations and ethical requirements. Our principles derived from the value of responsibility and this guides our business decisions.


    These principles are applied not only from within the company, but we try to encourage our employees and suppliers to adopt the same standard of ethical behavior.


    Among the principles of responsibility we highlight:

    · Respect for the dignity of all people

    · Health and safety promotion

    · Our commitment to environmental policies

    · Our commitment to quality

    · The fulfill of commitments

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ARTIC platform consists of several modules constantly evolving:

ARTIC is a traffic control and regulation integral application.


We are talking about a multiprotocol software platform for ITS devices management and monitoring, fleet control exploitation help and automatic sanction systems management.


A full system integration minimizes multiprotocol communication problems, it has a unique custom interface the system is much more robust, fast and efficient deployment costs are lower and the administration sets the standard to follow without being left in the hands of multiple ITS integrators.


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